Weird photo collages: Tim Cook and Donald Trump

“After the first time around you would have thought they would have worked on their facial expressions” —Buzzfeed’s Ryan Mac

From the first handshake, the body language was not good.

cook talking trump listening

cook trump jared

tim coom

Click to enlarge. Not seeing? Try the website. 

“Tim Cook’s barf face at Trump’s tech meeting says it all,” wrote Mashable‘s Jack Morse, who posted his own Tim Cook photo collage.

9to5Mac had a little caption contest:

Cook did seem pleased to meet Ivanka.

Cook smiles at Ivanka

On the other hand…

“Your weird photo collages from the Trump tech summit don’t really convey the nuance of the event, but whatever, what do i know,” tweeted Recode’s  Tony Romm, who was in the room and posted this account: President Trump wants a ‘sweeping transformation’ of government tech, he says at a White House meeting with execs

The innovators’ dilemma: ““This is a double-edged sword for the tech C.E.O.s because they don’t want to be window dressing and used for photo ops,” said Yale management professor Jeffrey Sonnenfeld  told the New York Times. “But on the other side, this is the most business-friendly administration since Eisenhower and is much more open than any administration to influence on the spot.”

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  1. Gianfranco Pedron said:
    Enough with the “fake” photos.

    (P.S. – This is a fake comment.) 😉

    June 20, 2017

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