Why Apple’s Tim Cook is going to the White House today

It’s Jared Kushner’s initiative. His wife will participate. His father-in-law will “swing by.”

Update: Jared spoke at the gathering, making what several sources claim are his first public utterances since joining the Trump administration . See video below.

From a report in The Hill posted Monday morning:

Apple CEO Tim Cook and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos will be among the business leaders at the White House on Monday as the internal think tank led by President Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner begins the long process of modernizing the government’s information technology systems…

On Monday, the Office of American Innovation, a Kushner-led group inside the West Wing, will conduct the first of many brainstorming sessions with about 18 CEOs and two-dozen more business experts. The White House also plans to unveil a new technology council.

Trump and Vice President Pence will swing by the working sessions on Monday. Kushner, his wife Ivanka Trump and most of Trump’s senior aides and advisers will participate…

Among the other CEOs who will be present: Ajay Banga of MasterCard, Satya Nadella of Microsoft, Ginni Rometty of IBM, Brian Krzanich of Intel and Silicon Valley investor Peter Thiel, a Trump supporter.

Below: Jared speaks!

UPDATE: According to Recode, several CEOs offered remarks at the meeting that tended to serve their companies’ interests:

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, for example, called on the U.S. government to take advantage of commercial technology — the sort of tools his company sells. Palantir CEO Alex Karp said he had offered his support in private meetings, earlier in the day, about ways to tap big data in order to spot fraudulent federal spending. And Apple CEO Tim Cook — who also acknowledged that the U.S. had much work to do to modernize — said Washington should make coding a requirement in schools.

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