How two giant funds played Apple’s six-month run

What State Street sold, Berkshire Hathaway bought.

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The 6-month fever chart:


  1. George Providaked said:

    Kind of nice to see value based company rewarded with their purchase of Apple stock. But stock prices in short run 3-6 months have weak connection to fundamental value.

    Presumably Berkshire is a long term investor and should be rewarded. Although seeing the payback so soon is nice but not fundamental to the value based investment approach.

    February 17, 2017
  2. Robert Paul Leitao said:

    Lost opportunities may be the consequence of trading Apple primarily as the maker of the iPhone versus an understanding of how management is choosing to expand the company’s geographic reach and the ways in which Apple is creating and expanding customer relationships by the day.

    Apple trades at a low multiple compared to the S&P 500, generated nearly $46 billion in net income last fiscal year and continues to richly reward shareholders with a massive capital return program. Apparently Berkshire acted on Apple’s low valuation and acquired shares. State Street looked elsewhere for opportunities.

    February 19, 2017

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