Apple sold 220,000 iPhones in India last month

That gives Apple a giant share of a tiny market in a huge country.

The source for this rare datapoint—the kind Apple doesn’t like to share—is Counterpoint Research, a Hong Kong-based firm that tracks, among other things, mobile phone sales in the subcontinent.

According to a report Monday in the India Times, Counterpoint clocked Google’s October sales of its new Pixel in India at 33,000 units. That, according to the report, puts Google’s share of the “premium” smartphone market (>30,000 rupees; >$435) at 10%, Samsung’s at 23% and Apple’s at 66%. Translated into units:

  • Apple: 220,000
  • Samsung: 76,000
  • Google: 33,000
  • Other: 3,000
  • Total: 330,000

To put that in perspective, Indians buy, on average, about 10 million mobile phones per month, and Apple sells, on average, 18 million iPhones per month worldwide.

For a deeper dive into the factors that affected October sales in the Indian market, including the meltdown of Samsung’s flagship phone, I recommend Daniel Eran Dilger’s Apple is killing it in India.


  1. Robert Paul Leitao said:
    220,000 iPhones sold works out to about $125 million in revenue from iPhone sales in India in a month. India is a huge long-term opportunity for Apple and the company is investing heavily in developing a consumer market for its products on the subcontinent.

    Because content sells devices, creating a robust developer market in India must occur in tandem with the product sales effort. Apple’s success in India should be measured over years and not months or quarters. The reported iPhone unit sales in November is an encouraging indicator Apple is making progress in what will soon become the world’s most populated country. Millions of India’s citizens are being catapulted into the nation’s middle class each year. By some estimates, more than one-half billion people will be in the nation’s middle class by 2025.

    At this time growth in India won’t come easy. Much of the nation’s economy is highly regulated and barriers to market entry by foreign firms remain high. But over time the company’s investment initiatives, such as the Design and Development Accelerator in Bengaluru that was announced earlier this year, will create a foundation for growth in the years to come.

    India is now a billion dollar market for Apple. Becoming a multi-billion dollar market for Apple won’t take much more than another year.

    November 30, 2016

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