Hey Apple, what's the scheduling conflict?

Because the company wouldn't say why a big investor event was rescheduled, the Internet came up with reasons of its own.

Apple has moved up by two days its final quarterly earnings call of fiscal 2016 due to what Apple Investor Relations calls a "scheduling conflict."

What's the conflict? Why Tuesday Oct. 25 and not Thursday Oct. 27? Apple didn't say, and reporters' inquiries (including mine) were met with silence.

Because the Internet—like nature—abhors a vacuum, that silence was quickly filled with imagined conflicts. Among the ones I've seen:

  • Google and Amazon's quarterly reports
  • Gene Munster's vacation
  • A new Watch band event
  • First game of the World Series
  • Event to announce 100 new emojis
  • Tim's parents are in town
  • Kanye West concert
  • To allow more iPhone sales

That last one makes even less sense than the others. No matter when it happens, Apple will be reporting sales up to and including the last day of the fiscal quarter, Sept.  24.

The best guess for the date shift, in my book, was also the most popular:

  • A launch event for new Macs


  1. Fred Stein said:
    I hope you’re right. Mac line up needs an update.

    October 4, 2016
  2. Fred Stein said:
    Ironically, while we feel starved for info from Apple, the market can barely digest it.
    The September announcement of 2 iPhones, a new Watch, and AirPods underwhelmed analysts, but overwhelmed consumers (demand exceeds supply) and possibly their personal budgets.
    This quarterly report’s guidance will likely make stock analysts increase their targets.
    Besides the Mac line, where rumors abound, Apple may add a Siri enabled speaker. That’s more personal spending, and more for analysts to digest.
    Finally we’re still waiting for Apple TV media deals.

    October 4, 2016

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