Apple’s Sept. 7 invitations arrive, market says ‘meh’

Could expectations for this year’s September special event be any lower?

Piper Jaffray’s Gene Munster, as usual, sees a silver lining:

“We believe that investor expectations for the iPhone 7 are low, thus any incremental features like better battery life could be positive for the stock.”

The stock could use a positive.


What’s coming? The rumor sites are mostly saying what the Wall Street Journal was saying in June. I have no inside knowledge and speculation is not my thing.

I’m flying to San Francisco for the show, but you can watch it from home. Starting time is 10 a.m. PT (1:00 p.m. ET).  Here’s the link.


  1. David Emery said:
    Uh, 1:00 -p. m.- ET. You don’t want us to get up too early, we’d all be cranky and post mean comments here 😉

    August 29, 2016
  2. Fred Stein said:
    The market may be unresponsive since the announcement date and product rumors have been out for awhile. Plus China’s economy has systemic risk.
    No worry. Over the next year, the stock (50 day MA) has 10% or more upside.
    Average trading volume has slowly declined over the last three years. Hopefully speculators and fools have left the scene.

    August 29, 2016
  3. Richard Wanderman said:
    Now rumors are talking about a “new” thunderbolt monitor (Apple and LG) and new MacBook Pros but possibly not at this announcement.

    I want new Macs and at least a bit more than a rumor that Apple is paying attention to the Macintosh line’s evolution. I’d be very sad if Tim Cook’s statement that the iPad is the future of personal computing comes true any time soon. Or, maybe he’s using “person” in a narrower way. We can hope.

    But, if Apple puts conductive charging in a new iPhone, I’d buy one (ahead of my normal 2-3 year upgrade schedule).

    August 30, 2016
  4. David Emery said:
    Well, will the Apple iPhone event be overshadowed by the EU tax ruling?

    August 30, 2016

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