Got an iPhone? Going to Cleveland for the RNC?

I’m soliciting well-edited “shot on iPhone” videos by demonstrators—pro and con.

Not having access to the big story inside the Republican National Convention, I’d like to hear the small stories of the people outside.

Tell me why you’re going, how you got there and what you witnessed when you did. Keep it brief, preferably two minutes or less. The goal is to put together a quick, crowd-sourced, shot-on-iPhone documentary about what’s happening outside the Quicken Loans Arena.

Send your edited videos—or a pointer to a Dropbox file—to, along with a brief message with your name, your occupation and the city or town where you live.

Apple 3.0 subscriber? Let’s have a meet-up!

BTW, I picked a pretty interesting moment in history to visit England. In less than a week, a whole new government. With Boris Johnson, the Donald Trump of Great Britain.

UPDATE: Here’s what came out of that project:


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