This is what Apple’s late start in music streaming looks like

From Asymco‘s Horace Dediu:

“Apple did not have to move first in music subscriptions. It did not even have to move second or third. When it did move it could just skim the market and add to its already healthy Services revenue. Missing the boat in music in this case meant capturing all the value quickly and with minimal expense…   

“This is a cautionary tale to those who would pronounce every new idea as ‘disruptive’ to Apple or anyone else on the basis of novelty alone. The tests for disruptiveness are easy enough and it behooves the analyst to apply them before dropping the d-bomb.”

See Missing the boat in music.

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  1. Aki Järvilehto said:
    I wonder if Spotify’s free user base is enough to counter Apple’s built in advantage for subscriptions (it’s super easy to join Apple Music with fingerprint authentication)?

    From the chart above it would seem that both companies are adding users roughly at the same speed and have gained around 15 million paying subs in the last 12 months. Will be interesting to follow how this develops!

    June 21, 2016

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