Apple 3.0 Goes Live April 1

Peter Kafka broke the news on Re/Code.

After a few weeks in beta, Apple 3.0 goes live this Friday.

Re/Code‘s Peter Kafka broke the news:

“Since 2007, Philip Elmer-DeWitt has written a daily column about Apple for Fortune magazine’s website. Now he’s going to stop writing for Fortune and start writing for himself.

“Elmer-DeWitt’s last edition of Apple 2.0 is scheduled to run on March 31. After that, he’ll be working full-time on his own site, Apple 3.0. (Get it?)

“The move is worth noting in part because Elmer-DeWitt is a longtime fixture among Apple chroniclers. And in part because he’s going to try to go into business for himself. That’s a hard task, but perhaps more doable now than it has been in the past…”

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