The $6.5M Apple spent last year lobbying D.C. pales next to Amazon’s $20.3M

From Karl Evers-Hillstrom’s “Amazon, Meta report record lobbying spending in 2021” posted Friday by The Hill:

Amazon and Meta, Facebook’s parent company, spent record sums on federal lobbying in 2021 as they fought legislation to limit their expansive market power.

Amazon and its subsidiaries spent roughly $20.3 million to lobby Congress and the federal government, while Meta shelled out $20.1 million, according to filings submitted to Congress on Thursday. Both tech giants increased their lobbying spending by around 7 percent from their previous benchmarks set in 2020.

The industry is currently setting its sights on the American Innovation and Choice Online Act, which would block dominant companies such as Amazon, Google, Apple and Meta from giving preference to their own products or discriminating against rivals on their platforms. The bill advanced through the Senate Judiciary Committee this week, but senators have expressed support for making industry-friendly changes to the final version…

Apple’s lobbying spending actually decreased slightly last year. The iPhone maker spent $6.5 million to influence policymakers in 2021, down from roughly $6.7 million in 2020.

My take: The last time I ran a lobbying item, covering just the June quarter of 2017, Google was the big spender at $5.9 million, and Amazon and Apple were nearly tied at $2.4 and $2.2 million, respectively. See Google, Apple, Amazon and Uber hit lobbying records last quarter


  1. Jacob Feenstra said:
    The more you have a problem, the more money you have to throw into the fight.

    January 22, 2022

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