CurrentC never had a chance against Apple Pay

“I don’t know that [it] will succeed and I don’t care. As long as Visa suffers.” —Attributed to former Walmart CEO Lee Scott.

From CurrentC’s home page:

“We want to say a special thank you to everyone who participated in our CurrentC Beta test in Columbus, OH! We will be concluding our Beta on June 28, 2016. Please stay tuned for new information on CurrentC as our future plans evolve. Please see details below!”

The details:


Click to enlarge. Not seeing image? Try the website. 

What a mess.

From Oct. 2014: Why CVS and Rite Aid are blocking Apple Pay


  1. Tom Wyrick said:

    Apple should create a credit union for employees and customers. Credit unions have federal deposit insurance, and are subject to far less regulation than banks. Then it should use the credit union to launch a credit card, make loans to iDevice (and AppleCar?) buyers, facilitate person-to-person payments, etc.

    June 8, 2016

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