Jony Ive on what he learned from Steve Jobs (video)

Got three minutes? Watch this.

There are worse things to do on a rainy Memorial Day afternoon.

Transcript here

Thanks to long-time reader John Kirk (and Techpinions contributor) for resurrecting this rare 2014 interview today in Part 2 of a 7-part blog series about innovation at Apple.

"The critics want Apple to take more moon shots," he writes. "I don’t know why. It certainly hasn’t done Google any good."

"The difference between Apple’s moonshots and Google’s," Kirk adds, "is that Google knows how to launch a product. Apple knows how to stick the landing."



  1. David Crellen said:
    I love that you ressurect great thoughts as in this piece. It’s like a beginning-of-the-week karma for the week.

    Thanks for bringing us these “old stories”. It brightens a rainy day.

    May 30, 2016

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